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Case Study: Portugal @ Montreux Christmas Market

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The Christmas Market at Montreux is the most famous in the french speaking part of Switzerland. With the Alps as background, countless stores and chalets stretch along the shore of Lake Geneva, selling traditional sweets and regional products. In 2017, Portugal was chosen to be the annual Guest of Honor of the Christmas Market, and I was commissioned to handle the campaign videos. As a photographer, the beauty of the market poses a challenging (but nonetheless appealing) subject to capture on video. The footage was shot the year the year prior in order for the campaign to be ready to kickstart late November (talk about an early planning!)

Unlike many of my clients needing video to maintain an ongoing conversation with their audiences, Portugal at Montreux Christmas Market was just starting to build theirs. Therefore, the metrics for the campaign videos I’ve made turned out to be quite stunning: The average engagement rate and audience reach for the professionally made campaign videos was about 20 times more when compared to videos shot on mobile and shared through the same channels. After that, the extra reach and page following we've achieved enabled the client to enjoy a much wider audience for its own live videos and announcements. I find this campaign to be a great example to illustrate that it pays off to invest in good videos, especially when building an audience from scratch. Please see them below, and I hope you enjoy them. Happy Holidays!

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