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Video: How you present yourself

Video is an extremely effective means of delivering information and also (if done right) generating a positive perception of a product or service among its recipients. A simple google search provides no shortage of articles and videos to attest its effectiveness.

For instance:

- Engagement rates shoot upwards by orders of magnitude when compared to text.

- Products or services of a more visual or aesthetic nature won’t even engage target audiences any other way other than using imagery.

- Our heads retain better when information stimulates various senses simultaneously (and in audiovisual media, that’s already two senses engaged, if your mobile happens to have the sound on that is)

But don’t overlook another crucial factor: The prestige and status that the usage of video in itself conveys. More specifically, quality video. Just like sporting a stylish timepiece on one’s wrist or wearing a classy suit, a well tailored video can imprint a sense of respectability, confidence and legitimacy upon your audience.

Which comes down to a life’s old maxim: It’s how you present yourself.

People often rush to produce video content wishing to harness the medium’s proven advantages, only to see their efforts falling short because they skimped on quality. If you've looked at your news feed today, you know bad examples still abound.

It didn’t need to be like this. Quality video has gotten easier and cheaper to produce, thanks to the democratization of video cameras and computer horsepower. But quality keeps lagging behind. Why? Simply because good tools won’t make a good artisan anymore than having the best racket will turn you into Roger Federer.

The videos I do for my clients benefit from my experience as a professional photographer. For me, it's very important to always create audiovisual content to the best of my abilities, because I've seen it happening over and over again: the better your video is, the more people are going to pay attention.

In conclusion, mind quality when considering video for your online communications.

I'll leave you with a couple of videos to prove my point.

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